The Bunker” – Short story published in Le Temps, in collaboration with Geneva Solutions, October 2022.

“Choices & Chaos” – Essay Published in Keeping It Under Wraps: Parenthood Uncensored, February 2022.

“50 Amazing Swiss Women – True Stories You Should Know About it”. Co-Authored, published by Bergli Books, February 2021

“Let’s Talk about Porn” – Essay published in Keeping It Under Wraps: Sex Uncensored, May 2021.

“The Inability to Explain” – Poetry on the theme: art in an artless world, The Writers Club. Nov 2019.

“From Managing to Surviving” – Essay on the theme: Escaping your Narcissist, The Writers Club. Oct 2019.

“WriteCon – Notes from the field” – Review of The Woolfe’s writing conference. Nov 2019.

“Basic Training” – Short Story, Published in Quail Bell Magazine. Aug 2018.

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    Wow. I really love your writing!!

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    Thank you for your words, joy and sharing. So inspiring.

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