Welcome to Letters I Haven’t Written Yet

Welcome to Letters I Haven’t Written Yet, a space where unspoken thoughts and undelivered messages find their voice. This is a place for the words that linger in our hearts, the conversations that remain unfinished, and the apologies that never quite make it to the page.

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This is how it all started…

About 10 years ago now, I was having a lovely dinner with an old friend. We were both unhappy, bored, and not really sure what to do with our lives. Then, she asked me a question that would change my life:

What would you do if you had no limitations? You could do WHATEVER?

The answer was so easy. I’d write. I’d continue to do aid work of course, but mostly, I’d write. Her answer was a simple one, but one that blew my mind.

So why don’t you?



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  • Basic Training

    In 2018, I had a short story published in Quail Bell Magazine. Unfortunately, it was an online journal, and they had problems with their host and lost a lot of their past articles, including mine. Instead of trying to get this story published somewhere else, I thought it would be fun to post it here….

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  • Trump and The Taj

    Initially Published on Medium in November 2016 Going to the Taj Mahal, one expects not only to be overcome by beauty, but to be showered in a magical story of love, a love story greater than all the ages, one that will transcend time. It is the physical manifestation of a man’s love for his…

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  • Who am I?

    I’m a writer and humanitarian living in Switzerland. I’m short, quirky and a little mad – but for some reason, people put up with me anyway. Over the past 20 years, I have worked in humanitarian aid & public health, with various agency like Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), the WHO Foundation and the…