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On this site you’ll find some flash fiction, short stories, poetry and book reviews.

I feel like every written work we create, whether it is shared or not, is a letter to someone or something, with a message that comes from deep within. I hope to make this site into a collection of these letters, looking into the past and into the future, both in real and imaginary worlds, on whichever path I choose.

What’s new

In today’s world, we are faced with the triumph of mediocrity. We expected that with the health, educational and human rights success we have had in recent history, that we would live in a meritocratic society. However, we all have to admit to ourselves, it is one that is falsely so. Instead, we are witnessing the harnessing of power of the Mediocre Man. As women (and smart, intelligent and hardworking men) we need to make this time the “Last Stand” of the Mediocre Man. In my latest post in the rant section, I outline how I think this can be done, in an article I call: “What would a Mediocre Man do?”


It’s been a slow start to the year, but finally another review in for 2018. C.F. Iggulden’s Darien – Empire of Salt. Things have been busy so it¬†took me a while to read it, but actually for those who enjoy fantasy fiction, it’s an easy and enjoyable read. Definitely recommended.