Skin care for the Insomiac

I’ve always been pretty obsessed with skin care. When I travel, often my creams and solutions weigh more than my actual clothes, to the point that whether I’m going away for a night or a week, often my bag is the same size. But I will say that while I’m not perfect, none of us are, I’m very lucky to […]

Things that are helping me calm the F**k down

Let’s start this post with a simple rule. It’s April Fools, but as was stated so eloquently: Now that we are sure that this very important rule is crystal clear, I can begin. My last few entries here have been posting about quarantine life. How things have been going, about how it’s been difficult and scary, in different ways, for […]

21 days and counting

So I’m 21 days into self-isolation: a bit longer than most I know, as it started because of a potential early exposure. Luckily, health-wise, it’s all good – knock on wood, as they say. But this whole mess is far from over, and this new way of life isn’t going to end in the short term. And I’m not going […]