Dunstan – Conn Iggulden

When you pick up a book, there are times when you find yourself getting completely lost in it. Not because the writing is particularly artful (although that is a bonus), but because it’s just a bloody good story. You get lost in the telling and you are invested in the characters, and as such, you just can’t put it down. […]

A Week Without Plastic

We all know that plastic takes many lifetimes to decompose (if at all), and that it is now posing a serious threat to our environment. Both the WWF and Greenpeace have campaigns regarding the dangers of plastic, and we read about it more and more in the media. So most of us, at least, are aware of the problem. With […]


The knife itself is thin and sharp, Falsely delicate, bright and beautifully vicious. It’s wielder’s music the softest harp, His song not the slightest bit suspicious.   When stabbed I feel nothing until after the knife has been removed, And all I see is a pool of blood on the floor. Though the reasons for the wound will remain unproved, […]

About Me

Writer and Humanitarian worker, Zurich based author Alnaaze A. Nathoo writes both fiction and non-fiction, with essays and short stories published on Writers Edit and in Quail Bell Magazine. An active member of the writing community in Switzerland, she was on the Steering Committee of the Geneva Writers group, where she acted as treasurer. She also writes personal essays and commentaries for her […]

Trump and the Taj

Going to the Taj Mahal, one expects not only to be overcome by beauty, but to be showered in a magical story of love, a love story greater than all the ages, one that will transcend time.  It is the physical manifestation of a man’s love for his wife, and his sadness when she died. His love was so great […]


Zero Eight, Seventeen. Etched on his heart. He had to be there, by the walls overlooking the Bastions. He had to see her. A date set in fire and stone, so many years ago. He couldn’t miss it. Wouldn’t miss it. Scrounged up all of his pennies to buy a bouquet of flowers. White daisies: simple, beautiful. Walking as fast […]