Skin care for the Insomiac

I’ve always been pretty obsessed with skin care. When I travel, often my creams and solutions weigh more than my actual clothes, to the point that whether I’m going away for a night or a week, often my bag is the same size. But I will say that while I’m not perfect, none of us are, I’m very lucky to […]

50 Amazing Swiss Women

I am extremely proud to be one of the writers in this project– 50 Amazing Swiss Women: True Stories You Need to Know About. For the past few months, I, along with writers Katie Hayoz, Laurier Theurer, Barbara Nigg and Anita Lehmann have been researching and interviewing fabulous women of Switzerland. The book will be released in February with Bergli […]

In Honour of the Moustache …

Have you noticed that the moustache is back? In TV series and in commercials, I’ve suddenly noticed the proliferation of moustaches – and it’s not just for Movember. We’re all watching more TV, so does more TV equal more moustaches? Why am I noticing this now? Who knows? Why am I writing about it? Why not? Actually the question is […]

The Importance of Important Things

So I know it’s been ages since I’ve written anything (that’s another post in itself), but overall, let’s just say that COVID and quarantine sucks and has been much harder than I expected. And yes, I am very well aware of all my privileges in a time that has been so difficult for everyone. But it still sucked, and it […]

Things that are helping me calm the F**k down

Let’s start this post with a simple rule. It’s April Fools, but as was stated so eloquently: Now that we are sure that this very important rule is crystal clear, I can begin. My last few entries here have been posting about quarantine life. How things have been going, about how it’s been difficult and scary, in different ways, for […]

21 days and counting

So I’m 21 days into self-isolation: a bit longer than most I know, as it started because of a potential early exposure. Luckily, health-wise, it’s all good – knock on wood, as they say. But this whole mess is far from over, and this new way of life isn’t going to end in the short term. And I’m not going […]

Am I Afraid?

Those of you who are friends with me on social media (IG, FB and Twitter – I am not cool enough for TikTok, and to be honest I don’t care enough either) know that I have been posting a lot about COVID-19. Mostly jokes and memes, but also some rants. Like today for example. I’ve been in self-isolation for 9 […]

I Mock Panic Shopping – But I Get It Too

Mr A and I decided to quarantine this week, and clearly, as Europe goes into lockdown, we made the right choice. And so, sitting comfortably in our home, already prepared with everything we need, we laugh at all the images of people buying ridiculous amounts of toilet paper and pasta. But if I’m perfectly honest, I wasn’t that different. When […]