A Question of Priorities


The only reason he even knew the thing was a computer was because Mike was obsessed with them. She was trying to design a supercomputer that could better regulate the air levels that were measured throughout cities, and when she could get trustworthy measurements, she wanted to find a way to channel the CO2 so that everyone could have plants to help clean the air, not just the rich areas of town. It was her big dream, one she’d been working on since she realised that only certain people were allowed to have trees and plants in and around their homes to help clean the air. Trees meant health, and health meant wealth and prosperity. Obviously not everyone could be prosperous, and there just weren’t enough trees to go around. In fact, greenery was in short supply these days, and so of course, much like the great water wars, only a select few had accesses. The history books spoke of a time where energy was the reason people fought wars. Every time Idris read that he just couldn’t understand how humanity could have been so stupid, for so very long. All that fighting for energy almost destroyed the world. People were fighting just to be able to breathe now.