A Sudden Understanding …

… It had been a long time since she had been surrounded by people, and even longer since she had been with ones who actually believed what she said. It was comforting but uncomfortable, all at once.

She recognised the words, of course. Seeing them written out on the page. She even recognised her husband’s handwriting on the page. Seeing them written out like that, it all suddenly made sense. The story was clear, but her mind just couldn’t actually believe it. Somehow, her husband, with these men, had found a way to harness the most powerful energy of all. The repercussions were endless, and so were the dangers. She just could not wrap her head around any of it. And there was no easy way to explain it either. How does she tell these people, who have had their lives adjacent to hers for so long, what these words mean, what they represent?

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