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Humanitarian, book worm, writer, thinker, ranter and raver, speaker sans filter (just ask my boss), lover of all things super hero related, champion of the resting bitch face, serial killer of plants, (though not purposefully, I actually love plants) and so much more. I’ve finished my first novel, Exiled Stars: Rebirth. There’s a quick blurb below.

I’m currently actively querying this novel, looking for a publisher.

Before the invasion, Nura lived on the edges of the sacred forests, acting as the link between the holy men and women who care for the forest and the outside world. One day she meets two children who emerge from the forest, and welcomes them into her home knowing who they are and why they had been hidden there to begin with. When she is captured by the army trying to occupy her home, the children do all that they can to save her. It is the love between them balanced with the hate she faced by the invading forces that moved the souls to spur her transformation, leaving Nura reborn. She is transformed into the Simurgh, a creature powered by the souls of the dead that populate the thick mists of her home, making her the most powerful weapon this world has ever seen.

Despite attempts at capture by the King and his allies, Nura remains free to roam and act with impunity, her humanity, her rage and her power a suddenly dangerous combination. He sends out Beltrán, the Supreme Commander of the King’s armies, to capture her. As a leader, Beltrán disagrees with the actions that led to her transformation. As a soldier, he objects to the King’s strategy of occupation and coercion. As a person, he remains fiercely loyal to the monarch who is his dearest friend. When Beltrán finds Nura, each are faced with the understanding of what the other represents to the world. Beltrán must decide if he can claim her for the King, and Nura must decide the role she will play in this world.


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