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Humanitarian, book worm, writer, thinker, ranter and raver, speaker sans filter (just ask my boss), lover of all things super hero related, champion of the resting bitch face, serial killer of plants, (though not purposefully, I actually love plants) and so much more.

I’ve finished my first novel, Exiled Stars: Rebirth. There’s a quick blurb below. I’m currently on the hunt for representation and a publisher.

The lands of An Isilthir are often covered by a thick mist – one that is not made up of clouds or water – but the waiting souls of the dead. After being tortured and seeing her home destroyed, Nura transforms into the Simurgh, a mythical creature powered by these souls, the most powerful weapon these lands have ever seen. Nura is much loved and protected by Hughes, the quiet boy who can communicate with these same souls that are now a part of Nura, by the departed that flock to her and power her wings, and by the Hooded Ones who have tried to protect them all. But she is also in danger: the King of Qamar has sent Beltrán, his best soldier and closest friend, to capture her and bring her to him, the ultimate display of power and divinity. The race is on to capture the Simurgh and own her abilities, and throughout, Beltrán, Hughes and the others they meet are faced with a number of difficult choices that could lead to her capture or her freedom, both of which could have disastrous consequences for all.


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