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Writer, Humanitarian, book worm, thinker, ranter and raver, speaker sans filter (just ask my boss), lover of all things super hero related, champion of the resting bitch face, serial killer of plants, (though not purposefully, I actually love plants), Melanated Mona, and so much more.

My short story ‘Wind and Dragon Fire’ was short listed in the Write4Autism writing contest in 2014, and I’ve had another short story, called‘ Basic Training’, published online in Quail Bell Magazine in August 2018. In addition, I’ve finished my first novel, Exiled Stars. As I continue to write short stories and work on new novels, I’m currently actively querying Exiled Stars, looking for a publisher.

Exiled Stars

When Nura’s homeland is invaded and she is captured by the occupying force, the souls of the dead living within the mist move to shield her from further harm while protecting the living. As they become both her armour and her wings, Nura is transformed. She is reborn as the Simurgh, the legendary creature whose potential existence has been hidden and avoided, and is suddenly the most powerful weapon the world has ever known.

With this newfound power pulsating through her, Nura unleashes vengeance. Accounts of her existence travel across land and sea, and those in power yearn for her capture. In the fight for supremacy, Nura must find the balance between the need for retribution and solitude, and a way to embrace who she has become without destroying those that care for her; all while exerting her supremacy in a world that is not ready for her.

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