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How useful is a Hogwarts Education?

A friend of mine posted this article on Social Media today, and as I read it, I can’t help myself from sharing it. Not only because it is wonderfully witty and well written … but also, because it’s true! The article is in fact a letter from a Hogwarts graduate, complaining about his lack of employability, and thus inability to succeed in the modern world.

Think about it. Ff you do go to school for 7 years at Hogwarts, and a war happens to break out, then you’re set. You’ve got all the tools you need to make sure you can win the battle.

“I have also noticed that some employers have dismissive attitudes toward Hogwarts graduates. For instance, I spoke to a recruiter from Gringotts who told me that they don’t accept candidates from party skools. Are we a party skool? I had friends die here, but not from drinking. (It’s because they were murdered.)”

But what then? I mean, someone has to make sure that Hogsmede’s accounts are in order and that they have enough money to order more Butter Beer … and Fred and George’s joke shop (spoiler alert but not really – it is sadly run only by George now) – someone has to manage the staff right? Doesn’t the Wizarding world have things like payroll, taxes, management and legal issues? Ok I mean they may not need plumbers or garbage people as their spells can manage that, but I imagine their world is still regulated right? We know there are rules to follow, ministries to run, prisons to manage. How can a class of potions teach you to organise a guard rotation at Azkaban? So many questions…

All in all, not really a positive life choice, unless you’re the chosen one, is all I’m saying. So did the writer of the article, obviously. Hopefully he was able to get access to a Muggle school afterwards, to get some kind of basic life training.

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